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Track Your Pallets

Track your pallets from collection through to delivery.

We believe providing on-the-pulse information on the delivery status of a consignment is as important as its physical delivery.

UK Pallets On-Line is a system which enables you to enter your consignments and then provides detailed proof of delivery (pod) online. The status of every consignment is passed between all parts of our network, allowing fast and accurate answers to queries, from collection right through to delivery. Signed proof of delivery documents can be viewed and printed within 48 hours. The system is simple to use… once you have registered and received your login details, we provide a plug in programme and all you need is a PC, printer and internet access.

For your peace of mind, we continuously look at ways to improve visibility of your freight.  You can now enjoy the benefits of:

  • Online Proof Of Delivery (images can be downloaded)
  • Signed Proof Of Delivery (within 48 hours)
  • Entry of consignments directly onto the UK Pallets system
  • Production of consistent and clear labels
  • Parcels scanning


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