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UK Pallets provides a range of next day and economy nationwide delivery options for palletised consignments. We can move anything from a single pallet through to a full load, providing a complete solution for your most simple or complex distribution needs.

At UK Pallets we have a national network which combines the strength of more than 80 independent logistics and distribution specialists. All share the same drive and commitment and work together to give you a low cost and reliable delivery service.

Our central hub in Staffordshire is in the heart of the country, with member depots being strategically situated around the UK. UK Pallets members and our own fleet collect pallets from you locally to send overnight to our central hub. All details of the pallets are checked, scanned and verified before being sent out for delivery. Through this network, UK Pallets utilises one million square feet of warehousing space and a fleet of more than 1000 vehicles.

As competition increases, we recognise the importance of responding even quicker to the needs of our customers, whilst remaining cost effective. UK Pallets provides quality of service with unrivalled performance levels of 99% of pallets being delivered on time.

For more information about our pallets services, please email solutions@ukpallets.com or call 01543 267500.

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